Manifest Destiny

Manifest Destiny: The Lewis & Clark Musical Adventure

Manifest Destiny is a musical comedy weaving together sharp satire and heartfelt storytelling into a grand adventure. Through ten original songs, the film follows gruff explorer William Clark and his naturalist companion Meriwether Lewis as they blaze a trail to the western waters. Along the way they encounter the wise Sacagawea, battle the elements, and find that President Jefferson has some surprises up his sleeve.

Can Lewis & Clark work together to reach the West? In a world where destiny already seems manifest . . . what does the frontier have in store?

From the imagination of Jer & Kev, Manifest Destiny reinvents American history through Broadway-style songs and an expressionistic cinematic style. Anthony Parisi makes his feature film debut as director and cinematographer.

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Feature Film (More at IMDb)
Directed by Anthony Parisi
91 minutes