The Black Dawn

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A plague has fallen over Los Angeles, turning the sky black and leaving death in its wake. Only 13 survive.

No one knows how it happened.

No one knows why it happened . . .

New Renaissance Pictures presents a ground-breaking multi-platform experience in its latest production, The Black Dawn — the story of thirteen college students who have mysteriously survived a deadly plague. Banding together, these survivors must find out what has happened . . . and why. The dynamic narrative is developed across a TV series, web series, short film, online comic, and video blog series and retold in a dramatic feature-length film.

In 2009, The Black Dawn debuted as a web series, downloaded by more than one million viewers worldwide. A TV series followed in October 2009, airing in more than 50 countries around the world with syndication on NBC Nonstop and Hulu. A feature-length film is also available via Hulu, Netflix (international), Amazon, and iTunes.

TV Series (More at IMDb)
Created by William Hellmuth
& Abraham Sherman

Feature Film (More at IMDb)
Directed by William Hellmuth

The Black Dawn: Catalyst (More at IMDb)
Directed by Joshua Sikora

The Black Dawn:
Darkness Falls
(comic book)
By Zach Herring
& Joshua Sikora